Our Team


Josiah Dickens

Owner & Producer

An avid hiker/traveler with a camera, Josiah has traveled across the country for years wishing to somehow make a living while doing so. Now as the owner and producer of Blue Box Videography, he travels and produces client focused videos while exploring the country on his free days. As an FAA licensed drone pilot, Josiah takes his films to a new height.


Jacqui Dickens

Assistant Producer

With a musical background, Jacqui keeps the rhythm of the business going. Jacqui is in charge of all background operations and keeps the business running like a well oiled machine.  


Jasper Reddin

Editor & Web Developer

Jasper is a student of UCA studying Computer Science and Graphic design. He spends his free time making music, vlogging and editing photos.


Josh Dickens

Independent Marketing Consultant

Josh has been in the oil & gas industry for over 12 years, and is brought in as a marketing consultant for these type of projects. His knowledge of this specific sector of the market has allowed us to expand our operations into a new and exciting field. With his help we are able to extend our services to this market by helping clients reach out to their customers, future employees, and meet current growth goals.